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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Random Stream of Consciousness Garbage

There are so many things I would say to you, if only I had a voice.

So many things I would write if only I had the words.

Here I drift, grey ghost,  my physical body useless

                       trapped in time and place
                                 bound by hours and days

                                       tied hand and foot by convention

                                                    hobbled by routine.

My "me" is my spirit, and  my spirit drifts through eternity


unable so much as to turn a page

So much for all the high thinking.

But think, all the same.

For each of us, the book of life begins with a blank page. Not even the author, whoever he is - "god" or the person himself or herself - can put a name to that page.

That comes several chapters later, and is the duty of the parents

Whose only contribution is to donate

                                                           two sets of genes.

Why do we spend so much effort over sex?

Is an orgasm worth all the heartbreak

All the bloodshed orgasms have caused over the years, the agony and the fury?

What is a neuromuscular spasm worth

                                        any more than a sneeze

                                                    when you come down to it? What?

Why are we so fascinated by death?

Why do we lie awake at night (well, I do) trying in vain to imagine the fact of death, to accept the inevitability of the fact that we are going to die? And why the hell do we make a big production out of it?

It's all whistling past the graveyard

Denying to ourselves that we just do not know what comes beyond is all right, apparently. Even the knowledge that we are denying to ourselves is fine.

What isn't fine is acknowledging

that in all probability

NOTHING comes afterwards

                                          that death comes as

                                                  THE END

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