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Sunday, 25 November 2012

To Armchair "Islamic Radicals"

Dear guys
I should begin by saying that I write “guys” advisedly – all of you will be males except, just perhaps, a few women so unthinking that you might as well not exist at all.
So, guys.
You aren’t strangers to me, even if I haven’t met the particular “you” before. I’ve met enough of you online (most especially, but not exclusively, on Orkut) to know what I’m talking about when I say all of you might have been stencilled from the same template. So I know the message I want to send to you:
It doesn’t work, guys.
It doesn’t work when you send me death threats you have neither the means nor the intention of ever carrying out. It doesn’t work when you describe the coming of the Caliphate on earth. It doesn’t work when you talk of how the spirit of the faith will carry away all the kaffirs like me along with the unfaithful and the backsliders and hypocrites among the Muslims to hell.
It doesn’t work because you’re so full of hot air you put a hot air balloon to shame.
Listen up, therefore, guys.
When you talk of waging jihad against the infidel, I wonder about how come you’re sitting in front of a computer monitor punching a keyboard rather than actually taking part in the jihad. When you sit inKarachi or Riyadh and fulminate against the iniquities visited on Muslims by Hindus or Christians or Communists or Jews or other Muslims, I wonder what on earth, you know, is stopping you from taking up arms against these iniquities you make so free about.
The least Taliban soldier, whom you admire and love so much, is better than you. Semi-literate and primitive he might be, but he has the courage to put his life where his mouth is. Do you, guys? Do you? 
When you talk of establishing the Caliphate on earth, I wonder how on earth you are planning to go about this grand scheme of combining everyone from Senegal to Indonesia in one grand single state when Muslims haven’t been able to live together in peace even in such relatively small countries like Iraq or Somalia. I wonder how you are planning to impose unitary government on Shias and Sunnis as well as the Ahmadiyas, and any other fringe sects that might surface. I wonder how you are planning to govern South East Asians and West Africans by the same set of laws, and make it work. I wonder what makes you think all these people will accept a single government. I wonder who will keep this state together and by what means. Genocide?
When you talk about the necessity of opposing America, of being anti-American, I pause a moment to try and understand your semantics. As a long time “anti-American” myself, I think I should ask you what being anti-American entails. Should I hate the forests? The rivers? The mountains? The deserts? Should I hate the buildings of the cities of that country? Should I then also hate such Americans as Muhammad Ali, surely someone anyone sensible would be proud to acknowledge as a co-religionist? Do you hate him? Well?
Or do you equate America – the people, the streets, the continent – with the government of the United States, more particularly with the persona of George W Bush and his gang of war criminals? IsAmerica, the country of Thoreau and Lincoln, for you guys, equal to Bush? If it is, you’re going even further than what Bush himself would try and pretend.
When you talk of your admiration for Hitler, which is almost a given for you, I want to ask: do you - any of you – actually know a thing about Hitler? Of course not, because being brown skinned South Asians or Semitic Arabs, you would be racial anathema to him and those like him. Remember this.
But of course your Hitler worship is rooted in the opposition to “Israel”. If it were only opposition to “Israel” I’d heartily agree. I hold that that so-called country is illegal and its self-styled citizens should either be forced to share equally with the Arabs they oppress or be deported back to their countries of origin. But what I think is beside the point. The point is that your anti-“Israelism” is equal to anti-Jewism and you admire Hitler simply because he mass-murdered Jews.
It hasn’t availed me much pointing to all the Jews – both as individuals and on the organisational level – who oppose, and have always opposed, the so-called state of “Israel”. I could cite Noam Chomskyand Neturei Karta all I want, but you’ve put an anti-Jew block on your brain. It’s impenetrable. So I pointed out something else. The Zionist movement, although it had begun in the wake of the First World War, never really got anywhere but for the Hiterite concentration camps in World War II. And if it had not been for the Hitler you so admire, the waves of Jewish immigration from Europe would never have inundated Palestine and the world would not have been willing to sit back and allow the Zionist vermin to conduct their ethnic cleansing and genocide on the plea of past Jewish suffering. But will you listen? No.
And, of course, guys, your insistence that Western culture, whatever that is, will ruin yours has me boggling. Along with your Hindu fascist brethren and other religious fanatics of all stripes, here you sit using a contraption created by modern Western science called a computer, writing in a language that certainly is not your own and not non-Western in origin, using something known to cognoscenti as the internet, and you, across the board, condemn all things Western?
Ah, yes. I should mention how so many of you have applauded mass murder on the lines of Beslan. I don’t know how many of you appreciate that most people are uncomfortable with the idea of children being taken hostage and murdered, or how counterproductive this is to your own cause. If you can be said to have a cause.
Because, tell me, what is your cause? Is it nationalism? If not, what do you call wars between Muslim nations? Why have there never been successful mergers between Muslim nations without the strife and war that generally follow forcible annexations between any states? Isn’t nationalism something that should not exist in your vision of pan-Islamism? Can you explain this, or even make an attempt to?
What is it with your abuse directed towards those who are doing their best to resist American hegemony, your opposition to Communism for instance, and at the same time your insistence that we left wingers make common cause with you? I've said enough times that one's enemy's enemy is not necessarily one's friend, and that if we of the left have to depend on friends like you, we may as well give up where we are without any further ado. 
And, guys – what’s with all this worship of the most retrograde elements you can think of? Why do so many of you support, worship, and say you want to emulate the Taliban? If you truly want to emulate the Taliban, who or what’s stopping you? I recall the Indian Muslim actress Shabana Azmi challenging the chief Maulvi of the Jama Masjid, Delhi, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, to go and fight in Afghanistan if he really felt such kinship with the Taliban. So, I ask you too – go and fight with them. What’s stopping you?
All you can do, in fact, is sit on your fat behinds and type in random abuse. How pathetic.
I’d even take the likes of Abu Musab Al Zarqawi over you any day.
                                                                 Yours not in faith
                                                                  Bill the Butcher

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