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Friday, 12 October 2012

Enid Blight-On: A Sex Story

Those of you who, like me, grew up reading Enid Blyton’s books will remember all those stories where toys in children’s cupboards came to life at night and had all kinds of improbable adventures.

Well, let’s see some other toys that came to life and had...adventures.

Here goes.

Dildo woke at the crack of noon.

His mistress had been gone for an hour, and he knew he could count on hours of freedom before she returned. In the dark confines of the drawer, he began rubbing himself sensuously on the lace panties. 

“Oh...” he moaned. “You make me so hot.”

“Well,” a voice snapped, “don’t set the place on fire, then.”

“Who are you?” Dildo turned as best he could in the narrow space.

“We,” the voice whispered. “My sister and I are Ben-Wa balls. We come of an ancient culture, not like you, you crude...object.”

“Crude object?” Dildo roared. “I like that! Who was giving Mistress orgasms all last evening, before she went out, I’d like to know?”

“She prefers us now,” the voice whispered. “She got us last night, and just see if she ever uses you again.”

“You lot are funny,” another voice hummed. “It’s I who shall pleasure her from now on. I, the Ultimate Vibrator. Hmmmmmmm...”

The three sex toys fell to squabbling. If only they could have, they’d have come to blows. Rolling around and gesticulating, vibrating and twitching, they rumpled the panties and almost pushed the drawer out on the floor. Their quarrel lasted for hours as they each claimed supremacy. Suddenly, hearing a noise, they fell silent.

The bed was squeaking rhythmically, and they could hear Mistress, and a man, moaning.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2011

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