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Friday, 12 October 2012

Inglourious Cowerds

I’m sure you know all about the Taliban
Who crawl around the mountains of Afghanistan
Hiding in caves and culverts
Never coming out in the sun.


Pretending to be farmers
Looking like villagers
Not in Day-Glo


Girly-men who hide in caves
Creep around on the sly
Come out and fight us face to face.

Give us a fair fight

You in your turbans and your AK47s
Out in the open, and on high
Us with our Predators and Reapers
Five kilometres in the sky.

That would be a fair fight,
Instead you creep and you run.

And you attack us on the sly
And you’re  fanatics, so you keep coming
Even though we kill a hundred of you
And only ten of us die.

That’s why we’re winning the war,
And things are getting ever better,

Yes we’re retreating forward every day
And victory’s coming with every surge
Just you wait till we own your ass

We own your country, Afghanistan,
While dancing on your graves,

And we'll spit in your people's faces
Let's see what you do about it

For w're the masters of the universe
And you don't even own the dirt
Who are you to raise up your eyes to us


Copyright B Purkayastha 2009

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