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Friday, 12 October 2012

Ostrich Stew

He leant upon his drilling rig
Counted his pocket change
That could feed a million mouths
This world is awful strange.

"A strange world indeed,"
Into his phone said he
"I don't know why all these people
So hate and envy me.

"So I bathe in Evian water
While they don't have a bean
But I worked for my success
So why can't I be clean?

So my clothes are made in 

My shoes are from 
My suitcase is from 
My heart finds here its home.

"So they are starving, all of them
While I have access to food
But starvation's good for body and soul
I hope that's understood.

"Starvation's for the social good
Much moe than mere hunger is
For starving keeps the body healthy
And the mind in Nirvana bliss.

"Also important, the starving
Can't be made to rebel
Unlike the merely hungry
With rocket, shot and shell

"Really, starving saves such misery
They'd be grateful, you'd think
To be released from ceaseless want
In blessed numbness to sink.

"Starving's so good I'm envious
That they starve do and must
You'd think they'd get the message
And get down to eating dust.

"High prices are good for business
Full bank accounts feel so nice
So sad that some people moan
About ever higher price.

"If you sell something men must buy
If they want to live
High prices are a blessing
That will continue to give."

He bit into his ostrich stew
And licked his lips so light
Eyes shining with happiness
At  the poor peoples' plight.

"It helps if food gives way to fuel
To power vehicles too
For economic growth, 'bove all things
Must be sacred to you.

"Think on this, that economy
Is holier than the rest.
More than any human dupe
The market knows what's best."

He leant upon his SUV
And counted pocket change
While a million starving people
Snuffled as they came.    

Copyright B Purkayastha 2008

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