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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Gaza and "Israel": The Nature Of The Beast

From January 2009, showing the more things change, the more they remain the same:

Let’s play one of those “imagine” games that I make you people play so often on this blog.

So imagine…

Imagine, let’s say, that you and your large family live in a house. As houses go, it might not be too grand, but it serves your purposes, shelters you, allows you to live a fairly contented life, and the garden, while not all that well tended perhaps, produces enough to feed you all.

Now suppose there is an act of arson in a far city over the horizon, an act of arson that burns down a building and kills some of its residents. Imagine, then, that these survivors then quit the city – even though the arsonists have been caught and punished –and come over to your house. They claim that long, long ago, some of their forefathers lived where your house now stands, and since one of those forefathers was told in a dream by his personal deity that he had been given the land by that deity, therefore you must vacate the land and move out. What you think or want, what your rights may be, or whether you have any say at all in the matter is not important. And, because the residents of the city where they lived earlier, and other people elsewhere, feel kind of guilty over the arson (and because they see a wonderful opportunity to get these people off their hands), they support those usurpers, give them arms and weapons, and you find yourself thrown out of your house, and, at gunpoint, driven to a tiny mud outhouse in one corner of your own property. And the people who took over your house have made themselves a mansion there, paid for with foreign money, and boast that not only will they prevent you from ever returning, but that they have a right to your land because they (with foreign money) have “developed” that land beyond all recognition.

Now if you’re a normal human at all, you would not be happy about this state of affairs, would you? And you would be even less happy if the usurpers then proceeded to wall off your tiny mud outhouse with barbed wire, kidnapped and detained your family members on suspicion, and proceeded to impose a starvation level embargo on you. And suppose a few of your household then took what weapons they had (pea-shooters or at the most air-guns) and began taking pot-shots at the usurpers, would they really be to blame?

Well, it seems, according to the neocons, they would.

If there is one thing that exposes the true nature of the Zionist beast, it is this comment by the so-called Defense (sic – not only because of the misspelling of “Defence”, but because of the implication that anything the illegal Zionazi state does is in self-defence) Minister of “Israel”, in March 2008, threatening to unleash a holocaust on Gaza. As I pointed out here, the Holocaust has been positively the best thing that ever happened to the so-called state of “Israel”: it gives it a raison d’etre, a shield for all its crimes, and a ready-made excuse for all the crimes it plans in future. Ah yes, the Holocaust. Such a useful thing. All those concentration camps, the gas chambers, the crematoria. So ineradicably imprinted in Zionazi memory. And yet here the Zionazis, who scream to the skies that the Holocaust “must never happen again”, are threatening to unleash it on Gaza, that is, Occupied Palestine. That was in March. Nine months later, the baby conceived then was born. What we are hearing now, in the crash of exploding Zionazi ordnanceand the screams of disembowelled Palestinian children, are its birth cries. In the next year or so, it’s going to stand up and walk, and in the years to come, it is going to begin to devour the subject peoples alive.

I don’t think there are too many people who actually believe the argument that a few inaccurate and puny Qassam rockets could possibly be a threat of any nature to any nation, let alone a threat so grave that that nation (or, in this case, “nation”) has to carpet bomb that walled off open-air prison compound. The Nazi attack on the Warsaw ghetto comes to mind. Yes, there are Zionaziphiles and other right wing vermin who can pretend to believe this excuse, but it’s a pretence, no more.

No, the real reason has nothing really to do with Gaza at all, and everything to do with the nature of the Zionist beast, as I said above. The Zionists are Nazis, as I have said, and loyal and devoted students of the original Nazis. Like the Nazis they are driven by hatred of all other peoples, specifically people who look, speak or act slightly differently, and loves to pass off these people as an existential threat. And like the original Nazis, for whom war was the highest state of being and who used Aryan mythology to justify their crimes, the Zionazis are wedded to constant war and use Jewish mythology to justify their crimes.

Constant war is so useful after all!

1.    Constant war keeps the population in line and in a constant state of fear, where nobody dares raise his or her voice for fear of being called a traitor;
2.    Constant war allows one to impose whatever crimes one wishes on the enemy peoples;
3.    Constant war creates constant demand, and as long as one is winning, it means stimulation of the economy.

It’s only when one begins to lose that constant war becomes a drag…but if you choose your enemies carefully, and more importantly you enlist the neighbourhood mafia warlord on your side, there is no chance of losing.

Which brings us to the question: just why is the mafia warlord on your side?

I know there are some people who choose to delude themselves into believing that there is no such thing as a Jewish lobby in the US. It’s a particularly crass delusion because the lobby doesn’t just exist, it makes no attempt to hide. It’s open, aggressive, and unapologetic about its support for Zionazi crimes, including Zionazi crimes against the US itself. And yet, such is its power that no US politician dares not to fall before it in competitive prostration – not in the least one alleged Messiah, the Saint Barack O’Bama. And yet, its clout does not come from the votes of the Jewish population of the US, not all of whom, in any case, support the Zionazi vermin (as it is, there are many anti-“Israel” Jewish groups like Neturei Karta, and the existence of “Israel” is against Judaic principles anyway). Nor can the Jewish lobby wield such financial clout that it outweighs common humanity or at least hard headed common sense, which says that spending billions in subsidising “Israel” is money thrown down the drain. No, I believe that the reasons for the blind worship of the Jewish lobby is a part of that peculiar American syndrome of worshipping something just because “it has always been done” – like the idiotic insistence on refusing to use the metric system, as I said a little while ago. American politicians crawfish to the Jewish Lobby because they have traditionally done so and must keep doing so, they believe, if they are to get elected. That’s all there is to it.

So, the Zionazi state of “Israel” can get away with turning Gaza into a gigantic concentration camp, barbed-wired off, with entry restricted and even the import of shoes prohibited (because, o wonders, shoes can be part of military uniforms) – and the political system of the US, which could bring “Israel” to its knees in 24 hours by snapping its fingers, chooses to support it instead, and blames the victims of “Israel” for their own plight. So when there is a democratic election in Gaza andHAMAS wins, that government can be banned and embargoed, and acivil war artificially brought about, because “Israel” did not like the way the election turned out – and it is HAMAS, America says, which is to blame. Similarly, for years now, “Israel” has been bombing, shelling and murdering Palestinians in Gaza, refusing them even human status (as the so-called Prime Minister of “Israel”, the Zionazi Golda Meir, once said, “Israel” was a land without a people for a people without a land) – and it was the Palestinians who were to blame. The logic is impeccable. If a Palestinian kid throws a stone at a Zionazi tank, it is entirely in “self-defense” (sic, and sick) that the Zionazis will level the entire street. Mass punishment for individual acts was another Nazi trait the Zionazis have enthusiastically embraced. It is the nature of the beast.

In this highly interesting article, Justin Raimondo argues that the current wave of murderous Zionazi attacks on Gaza (which in any  case won’t destroy HAMAS) are basically meant to influence the next elections in “Israel” (fat lot of difference it makes who wins, as far as the human population of the world is concerned) and to present St Barack O’Bama, accused of being a – gasp – closet anti-Zionist, with a fait accompli. I do agree that those are legitimate arguments, but I also believe that:

1.    The aforementioned St Barack O’Bama is a con artist who has conned his way to the White House and will reveal his true (not skin) colours once he is in the Oval Office, and those colours are likely to be no different from those of his predecessor; and
2.    That after its crushing defeat to Hizbollah in Lebanon in 2006, and with the planned invasion of Iran becoming more difficult by the day (what with the Russians giving the Iranians missiles with which to defend themselves), the Zionazi military needs a relatively swift and bloody victory, no matter how illusory, to retain its pre-eminence in the Land of Eternal War.

As I have also argued in earlier blog posts, in the long run, of course, “”Israel” is doomed. American power, which is really all that props the racist Zionazi regime up, is declining; the American economy is folding up, and even if it recovers it will never reach the heights it once did. Under these circumstances, if the Americans choose to continue to pay off the Zionazis, they hasten their own economic collapse. If they choose not to pay off the Zionazis, the Zionazis collapse. And, meanwhile, however many Palestinians you murder, you can’t kill ‘em all; and the remainder will take revenge, constant revenge, which will grow more sure and effective as your own strength becomes dissipated and decreases. And as it does, the higher birthrate of the Arabs will finally submerge your so-called nation of faux-Semitic illegal immigrants in a (genuinely) Semitic sea.

There is one peculiar characteristic of the Zionazi pseudo-state that I ought to mention here: of all countries in the world, it is possibly the only one of which you cannot say that “terrorists killed innocent people”. There are no such creatures as innocent “Israelis”: each one is armed and trained to kill, steeped in anti-Palestinian bloodlust. Any “Israeli” who thinks otherwise should have left the pseudo-state, and many have. Those that haven’t deserve whatever fate befalls them. And when the time comes, when the Arabs finally take over, I hope that fate will be both spectacularly gruesome and excruciating.

It may not happen soon, but it will happen someday.

Meanwhile, it is absolutely no surprise that the Hindunazi brigade in India is cheering on the Zionazi scum: it’s just what they wish they themselves had the power to do, to massacre Muslims and leftists and other Untermenschen. And the ultra-pro-American Indian government will go to any extent to avoid pissing off Washington; which is why there has not been a single concrete action against “Israel,” however symbolic: not one contract cancelled, not one diplomat recalled “for consultations”. Well, if India wishes to swim with the crocodiles, it should be prepared to get eaten.

You’ve taken a people’s land from them. That was only the beginning.

You’ve then gone further - imprisoned this people in a giant open-air prison, walled and hemmed them in with barbed wire, imposed sanctions on them so severe that they can’t even import shoes. You’ve let them have a “democratic” election and then refused to acknowledgethe victors since they were not the side you wanted to win. So you tightened the sanctions, continued to drop bombs on them and shell them, and so on. All in the name of your “national security”. That poor, imprisoned, starving, shoeless people will just defeat your super-strong military otherwise with their few rifles and their petrol bombs and crude harmless home-made rockets.

But your bombing and sanctions haven’t had the desired effect, and elections are approaching fast. Your opponent is painting you as “soft”. You have to prove you’re tougher than they are. Since you’ve already lost one war and another big war is difficult to launch (that adversary is far too tough to beat easily, and getting tougher by the day) what better than to attack that open-air concentration camp?

So you set out to bomb that camp to cinders, knowing that, no matter how many women and children you kill, there won’t be a price to pay because you have the backing of the only official superpower. You bomb mosques and hospitals and schools, and whatever else strikes your fancy, but that might not be enough to win the election. What more can you do?

Well, you can launch a full-scale ground offensive into that concentration camp, that ghetto, like your Nazi mentors had done against your own ancestors not very long ago, at Warsaw. You can do that and destroy more schools and hospitals and mosques, and kill thousands of more people. You have, after all, armour and artillery and rockets and aeroplanes and the enemy has AK47s and not much else.

But what will that get you? Merely the hatred of more and more people, and – despite Hyperpower support - the reaction may get uncomfortable. There is a limited amount of hiding one can do behind the Holocaust, after all.

Today, the illegal, racist, criminal “Israeli” (Zionazi) regime launched an invasion of Gaza, after bombing it for about a week. Considering that back in 1967, as Zionist propagandists remind us endlessly, the Zionists defeated three Arab countries – much better armed than HAMAS – in six days, this would seem to be some kind of, let’s say, overkill. And, boy, when we say kill, we mean kill.

If they had to invade Gaza after all, what was the point of the carpet-bombing? And if they did not have to invade Gaza, if the bombing was enough, why invade? (I know, I know, rhetorical questions.)

The silence from the Indian government is deafening but predictable. But there’s another source of deafening silence – the Saint Barack O’Bama apparently knoweth not what is going on in Gaza – or anywhere else for that matter.

The destruction of the Warsaw ghetto didn’t save the Nazis from annihilation. The invasion of Gaza won’t save the Zionazis. But, when the history of the Zionazi state is written down, a century or so hence, it will go down as another moment of infamy.

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