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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Divide and Rule: HAMAS, Fatah, and the Gaza Civil War

(From 2007)

A long time ago, when a handful of white men ruled the non-white world, they found one of the perfect means of lording it over the rest with a minimum expenditure of blood, sweat and tears. It was one of the most brilliant pieces of evil thinking in the history of the world...exploit divisions, make the natives fight each other, and step in as the only "guarantor" of peace.
It was called "divide and conquer" or "divide and rule".
The age of imperialism - it seemed - had ended with the Second World War, and it did, except in one part of the world, where it flourished with the blessings of those who should have known better.
Now, of course, that old-fashioned imperialism is making a comeback, its methods are making a comeback as well. In Iraq, the US now intends to keep a permanent presence, which translates into a permanent insurgency. (Whether that intention can actually be translated into capability is something else). And meanwhile...
Meanwhile, the Zionist Nazi tail that wags the American dog is carrying out its very own little divide and rule policy in Occupied Palestine (I mean the so-called Palestinian Territories. Of course in reality they, and the territory officially constituting the so-called state of "Israel", together constitute Palestine). It's a classic example of the policy, and it even appears to be succeeding.
This is how they started...
First, they ignored the Oslo accord they themselves signed, knowing perfectly well that the US would back them, blindly, in anything they did.
Then, they shelled and besieged Yasser Arafat in his headquarters, keeping him a prisoner until his weird and inexplicable death.
Then, they said that they would not negotiate with the Palestinians since there was nobody left to negotiate with (big surprise, since they had systematically murdered any credible figure who was willing to negotiate).
After that, they foisted a totally corrupt and ineffectual "Palestinian government" of Abu Mazen on the Palestinian people. ThisFatah "government" - which, let's remember, was secular - spent its time building mansions and holidaying abroad, and - not unnaturally - turned the people's support to its ideological opposite, the Islamic movement Hamas.
Then they made a big mistake, allowing an election in Gaza last year in January. It was a big mistake because people voted for those willing to stand up against corruption and against oppression, which meant they voted for Hamas. This victory in a democratic election brought forth howls of rage and dismay from America and Europe. So much for democracy.
In fact, it seems to have struck nobody that Hamas, by participating in a democratic exercise, was actually trying to enter the mainstream, and should be encouraged. But that is typical fascist thinking for you, which brooks no other viewpoint but one's own. Hamas was promptly embargoed, and the Zionazis held back the funds that were rightfully the property of the Palestinian government. This was of course theft, but for a "nation" founded on theft, which has stolen and robbed the very soil on which it exists, it can't have meant a great big deal. It meant in practical terms that the Hamas  government was unable to pay the salaries of its workers - and that meant losing their support.
Remember that this sabotage of democracy was all in the name of "freedom" and for the advantage of the so-called state of "Israel", which pretends to be a democracy (yeah, like apartheid South Africa was a democracy).
Although Hamas declared a unilateral ceasefire against "Israel", the Zionazis continued to bomb and shoot and murder Palestinians on a daily basis.
Ultimately Hamas, which won the elections fair and square, was forced into a "unity government" with the defeated, discredited, Fatah, just to get the aid and funds that were its by right.
Now that's democracy, ain't it?
And now that open conflict rages in Gaza between the two sides, it's a fairly good guess that (since Hamas is winning) weaponry and funds will be flooding in from "Israel" to help Fatah - the same Fatah which was attacked and besieged, whose internationally respected leader was confined to a few rooms in his own headquarters and more likely than not murdered, and which was reduced to irrelevance and condemned as a terrorist organisation.
And, whoever wins or loses in the current fighting, "Israel" will then claim that the Palestinians are 1. too unruly and 2. too well armed to be allowed to rule themselves.
Divide and rule isn't dead. It seems to have only just begun its second innings.
Remember the Shia Sunni civil war in Iraq as well...?  

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