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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Is Marriage Prostitution?

I realise this post will in all likelihood get a lot of people angry.

Unfortunately, I don’t give a damn for political correctness, and never have done, so…

Let me say it right away: in my opinion, marriage is a form of social prostitution, in fact prostitution in its most absolute form.

There was an aphorism that I read a long time ago: “Men give love to get sex, women give sex to get love.” Well, to sex, add (from the woman’s side) cooking, keeping house, bringing up the kids (the man’s genetic heritage as passed on to the future generation). And from the man’s side add protection, food, shelter, and also the passing on of genes. Of course I’m talking of traditional roles here. But I wonder just how many men would be all at sea in today’s world if asked to cook something for themselves or sew buttons on their shirts. Are there really many such? I doubt it.

Now let me put in a comment that was rather popular among my contemporaries some twenty years ago… “Marriage is a licence to screw.” Of course those were the days when the guns of the sexual revolution weren’t even booming on the horizon and live-in relationships were for hedonistic immoral Bollywood stars who would still pretend to be married, and no one single would ever admit to a loss of virginity. Hell, some married people would pretend to be virgins. But still and all, that comment about marriage being a licence to screw just about sums it up.

OK, now, to get back to the topic: a prostitute puts out for money or favours. She is doing something that is an absolute contract – the man gets to put his penis inside her vagina and pays for the privilege – with cash or a piece of jewellery or the equivalent. Well, what then about marriage? What does the traditional housewife basically do? She allows the man to put his penis inside her vagina and pay for the privilege – with a lifetime of housing her, clothing her, feeding her, and paying for her to bring up her offspring. Which is the greater prostitution?

Because, what is a traditional marriage? It is a woman’s putting herself (or having herself put) under the theoretical protection of a man, and repaying him above all with sexual services. Isn’t that so?

As I said, the average man wouldn’t exactly die if his wife didn’t cook for him or sew his clothes. Also, the traditional housewife is a housebound person with no capacity for work, no avenue for earning for herself, dependent completely on her husband for everything, and giving her body to him in return…with any sexual pleasure for herself usually in the realms of the strictly mythical.

Which, then, is the greater prostitution?

I’m not blaming the woman here. In traditional social roles, the woman is a pawn. She has no control over her destiny, no way to achieve any ambition she has even if she wants to. It’s the system that makes her a prostitute.  

Logically, therefore, this train of thought leads me to the conclusion that a marriage with a woman who works and has her own income is not really a marriage in the traditional sense at all. Such a woman is no social prostitute, but in breaking that role she is no longer the stereotyped wife, either.

I have this problem with “sexually promiscuous” women who are not prostitutes being called sluts, as well. The genuine sexually promiscuous woman asks for nothing in return for putting out except pleasure. She gets nothing out of it except pleasure and gives nothing except pleasure. Since her motives are the least complicated and totally free of material reward, she is the least “sluttish” of all.

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