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Friday, 12 October 2012

My Sick Mind (Public Confessional)

I kill guppies
Maybe even puppies
I have a sick mind you see

I don’t feel sorry
For that big lorry
That turned turtle by the tree

Nor do I say all
Of us should have a ball
Or that it’s always nice to be free

I like to impose
My fist on your nose
Sometimes I like to be

Terrible furious
Altogether curious
And sometimes I’m crazy

I like yucky things
Locusts bee stings
The grub of the witchetty tree

You see I’m bad
Maybe even mad
Stay far away from me

If you get close
I might bust those
Illusions you have about me

I’m telling you
I have a loose screw
Comes with the territory

I like the bad guy
And make the damsel cry
In my own big movie

Psycho I am
Dahmer, Son of Sam
Were as nothing to me.

Smackdown shovearound
Innocents have found
No limits to my cruelty.

Murder genocide
Mayhem regicide
All in a day’s work to me.

I have no pity
Fire in the city
Blood on the streets to see –

So you watch your move
Don’t cut into my groove
Or I’ll make you history.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2009

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