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Friday, 12 October 2012

The Suicide Bomber

Little boy standing at the corner
No one to give him food
No one to teach him to read and write
His only knowledge is manual work
To earn himself a bite to eat
And maybe shoes to put his feet
If someday he gets really lucky.  

You take this boy and give him food
Give him clothes and give him words
Teach him to read and write
Tell him what’s wrong and what’s right
Make him love you like a son
And when you ask him, in return
He’ll become a suicide bomber. 

Daddy’s boy watching his father work
Day and night and robbed of his reward
Watching the rich get richer on his father’s sweat
Watching his mother starve herself and fret
That her children still don’t get enough to eat
That they will never find any kind of job
Wonders what’s wrong with his world.

You take Daddy’s boy to the mosque
Tell him the mosque has the answers
Tell him if he wants he can taste paradise
All this world is sin and vice
All he needs to do is take up the gun
To fight back against evil and injustice
He’ll become a suicide bomber.

Mullah talking to man and wife
Explains their son hasn’t died
Just been translated to another plane
Honours of a martyr to his name
And he will reserve a place in paradise
When their time comes round at last
So they shouldn’t mourn, but rejoice.

Mom and dad sit side by side
Mullah man gone back to the mosque
Wonder where the music’s all gone
Wonder why all this is so wrong
And despite it all they weep
Till they cry themselves to sleep
For their son, the suicide bomber.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2007

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