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Friday, 12 October 2012

In The Boardroom

"We must make a profit,” said the CEO
“That’s what we’re here to do.
We mustn’t fail in that,” and he frowned
“I must make this clear to you.

“We have a right,” said the CEO
“To riches beyond avarice’s dreams
And to achieve those riches,” quoth he
“Blood and tears may flow in streams.

“If the law it is that gets in our way
The law can always be changed
We must overcome the forces
That against us are ranged.

“If they should say we rape the world
Don’t hesitate a moment to say
The world belongs to us to do with
What we want to do today.

“It pains me, sure, when I hear
That children starve in shanty slums,
Or that polluted streams provide
Drinking water in leaking drums.

“But that’s not a problem,” the CEO said
“That slum around the city.
They can’t buy what we make
So waste not on them pity.

“They’re useless as consumers,” he said again
“What we provide they can’t buy.
And it would be foolish indeed
To look at their lives and cry.

“It’s the survival of the fittest,” he explained
“And the fittest they are not
If they were fit to survive,” he smiled
“They’d have the money we’ve got.

“In order to thrive,” the CEO said
“What you, in fact, really need
More than ability, more than smarts
Is lots and lots of greed.

“They just aren’t greedy enough,” said the CEO
“Greed makes the world go round.
This truth the world has known,” said he
“Since the first man tilled the ground.

“We own the world,” said the CEO
“We do what we want to do.
Truth of all times in these words
That I lay before you.

“We own the world, we own it all
Every little thing under the sun
And if we should wreck this earth,” said he
“We can always buy another one.”

Copyright B Purkayastha 2007

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