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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Zionism, Nazism: Studies in Evil

If there is such a thing as absolute evil, should we take two faces of it as Zionism and Nazism? The Zionists have been eager pupils of their erstwhile Nazi oppressors. Consider:
Nazis walled up Jews in ghettos, Zionists are creating ghettos with their Apartheid Wall in Palestine
Nazis denied Jews had a right to exist, Zionists deny Palestinians even exist.
Both Zionists and Nazis were/are dependent on support from industrialists and corporates.
Both Nazis and Zionists began/begin aggressive wars on total and ridiculous pretexts and claim they are the victimised party.

Both Zionists and Nazis claim/ed they have/had the right to kill anyone they wanted or attack any country they want(ed) in order to further the "national good".
Nazis began terror bombing of cities like Guernica and later Rotterdam, Stalingrad, Croydon, London. Zionists are terror bombing Lebanon and Gaza.
Nazis hate/d blacks, Zionists were the closest allies after the United States Of America of the anti-black apartheid regime of South Africa and helped test the South African nuclear bomb.
Nazis ignored treaties signed by them. "Israel" ignores treaties signed by it.
Nazis said anyone opposing them was an enemy of what they pretended was the white Aryan race; Zionists say anyone opposing them is an enemy of what they pretend is the Semitic race.
Nazis imprisoned anyone who did not agree with them, including the leaders of conquered countries; "Israel" imprisons anyone opposing it, including democratically elected Arab politicians.
Nazis worshipped armies and weapons and created a totally militarised society; "Israel" worships weapons and has a totally militarised society.
Nazis murdered millions of people in concentration camps; one does not doubt that "Israel", which has many times proposed the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, would murder them by the millions in concentration camps if they could get away with it.
Both Nazis and Zionists use/d collective punishments for individual "offences" (fighting for freedom).

Both Nazis and Zionists claim/ed the "right" to Lebensraum.

Hmm, difficult to choose...
Still, I'd say that Zionism is a WORSE evil than Nazism, simply because Zionists came to power afterwards and knew, from their own experiences, that what they were doing was evil and unacceptable, while in Nazi days such behaviour had been reserved for use against "uncivilised" lesser breeds like black Africans, Arabs (Iraq, 1920) and Native Americans.

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