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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

"All Terrorists Are Muslim" (except those who aren't)

How many times have we heard this one before? "All right, we know all Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims, therefore it's right and proper to racially-cum-religiously (or in India,religiously, since we're of the same "race" if such a term can be used for india's many mongrel peoples) profile Muslims and target them for special attention."
One might say, after five years of the "War On Terror", "All right, already, give it a rest, will you? Your lies are so shoddy they no longer hold more water than a sieve." One might say that, but what one says will go in through one ear and out of the other, so let's just explode this myth. Properly.
First: If by "terrorism" we mean frightening people in order to make them knuckle down, then Al Qaeda or any other "terrorist" groups (Muslim or otherwise) can't hold a candle to any state entity, most of all not to the zionist pseudo-state of "Israel" or its mentor/protector, the United States of America.  I would just advise the votaries of this nation's/this "nation's" "war on terror/disproportionate response" to compare the fgures of innocents killed by either side. It might prove a revelation.
Second, those who claim that all terrorists are Muslim are quite deliberately closing their eyes to the reality. Even assuming we accept that only non-state actors can be terrorists, which is the world's strongest non-state "terrorist" entity, which controls large amounts of territory, carries out more suicide bombings than any other, even has a navy? Any answers? No? The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) of Sri Lanka, aHindu group which has repeatedly taken on the Sri Lankan army in conventional conflict and is responsible for the large scale ethnic cleansing of Muslims from territories it controls. 
A brief and far from complete list of other Hindu terrorist organisations:
The United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) of Assam, which targets non-Assamese, be they Hindu or Muslim.
The various Manipuri groups, most of which are Vaishnavite Hindu, including the Peoples' Liberation Army (PLA), People's Liberation Army of Kangleipak (PREPAK), and many others - there are estimated to be two dozen outfits  active in Manipur, of which two-thirds would be Vaishnavite Hindu.
The two factions of the United People's Democratic Solidarity of Assam.
The National Democratic Front of Bodoland in Assam.
The Kamatapur Liberation Organisation of West Bengal.
The Bajrang Dal, which hitherto murdered people with crude weapons but is now known to be constructing bombs as well.
OK, these are just the Hindu groups, now we have the Sikh groups (though they have mostly been crushed, they still exist and will try a comeback if the oppurtunity presents itself) - Khalistan Commando ForceKhalistan Zindabad ForceBabbar Khalsa International, and the like.
Then there are the Christian groups - right from the US backed anti-Castro Cuban terrorist groups and the right wing death squads active throughout Central and South America to the Lord's Resistance Army of Uganda and the Irish Republican Army; the Baptist Church financed insurgencies all over South East Asia, including the various factions of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland ( a member of the Isak Muivahfaction is here photographed at the outfit's headquarters at Camp Hebron) which proclaim their stated objective as "Nagaland for Christ"; and Kuki groups in India; there are probably a hundred Christian terror groups in this region.
The Jewish terrorists like the Haganah, Irgun, and the Stern gang which ethnically cleansed the Arab civilians from "Israel" and terror bombed hotels and offices;
Really, Islamic terrorism seems rather small potatoes compared to all this. Not that the facts will stop the bastards who want to pretend otherwise.
They never, ever, do.

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