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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I'm tired of this

It's time I said this out loud and clear...
I'm tired of being told that as an Indian it's my duty to hate Pakistanis (and more specifically Muslims of all nationalities - the Indian unwritten law says "scratch a Muslim and you'll find  a Pakistani") .
I'm tired of being told that as an Indian it's treasonable to have any Pakistani friends (and I have many, with whom I get on generally better than I do with my Indian acquaintances)

I'm tired of being told that Indians and Pakistanis are "natural enemies" when everything I can see shows me that we're just the reverse, the same people with an ugly border running between us.
And I'm tired of being told that the nation-state still has any relevance where co-existence is concerned.
After all, what the hell are we going to do about the Pakistanis? Enslave them? Exterminate them? Obviously neither, despite the fond hopes of our Hindunazis (ironical that it was the very Hindunazis whose 1998 nuclear tests ensured that our hands are tied for the foreseeable future).
What we have to do is learn to live with them, or so my befuddled, traitorous brain thinks.
Is it too much to expect that someone realises sooner or later that it's easier to be your neighbour's friend than his enemy?
I guess it is.

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