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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

We didn't kill the steer

(To be sung to the tune of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire)
Voices in the night go
Buffalo buffalo
Chop cows put them
Cooking pot.

Cowdung milk cream
Horns and bellowing
Religious morons
Blowing hot.

Kill cows eat beef
Save self some grief
Put protein in people
Starving on the cot.

We didn’t kill the steer
It was always dying but nobody crying
We didn’t kill the steer
We just made use of it
As we saw fit.

Cow fills up the roadway
Menace on the highway
Gores and tramples
People on the spot

Leather shoe stamp glue
Porcelain gelatine
Half a cup milk a day
Polythene in the airway
Scrounging in dustbins
Worshipped by cretins
Dying of disease
Hoping for release

We didn’t kill the steer
It was dying always since the start of days
We didn’t kill the steer
We just euthanized it
And made use of it.

Rump steak good for you
Sirloin on the barbecue
Brisket sausage
Seasoned by sage
Party on till rise of sun
Meat enough for everyone
Eat on homeboy
Give yourself some joy
Cow free streets now
Easier to walk now
And those who don’t like it
Can go stuff it
Beef for everyone
We’re gonna have some fun.

We didn’t kill the steer
But we’ll take the blame
It’s part of the game
And we’ll kill cows on and on and on…

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