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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The First Orgasm

This happened when I was about eleven years old.

Back in those days I was obese, callow, and quite frankly ignorant of a lot today’s kids know of at much younger ages. I was also no good – I still am no good – at mathematics. This is important to remember for a proper understanding of what happened.

It was during an examination that it happened. It was maths, of course, and at the end of 45 minutes (the paper was two hours long) I’d just completed the first of five questions, and that one I wasn’t too sure of. I was beginning to slide into pure panic.

It’s a habit of mine to this day that some kind of simple repetitive action in times of stress tends to relieve that stress. Nowadays, when I can, I chew gum. At that time, since I had no other outlet, I began rubbing my legs together. As I did, I began feeling a queer sensation in the pit of my stomach, and it built and built and I rubbed my legs faster and faster. I didn’t know what was happening – the rubbing was now a reflex. Suddenly there came this great convulsing sensation in my lower abdomen and groin, which made me shudder and press my thighs together and crunch my eyes shut as tight as I could get them. My breath literally caught in my throat or else I might have cried out.

A moment later, I opened my eyes, feeling wonderfully calm. Nobody had noticed a thing. I returned to the questions and managed a pretty fair go of doing them; not bad at all by my standards.

It was only a couple of years later, when I began masturbating deliberately, that I realised that back during that exam I’d had an orgasm. (Later on I’d make time to masturbate while studying for exams, quite regularly and with great effect, to calm my mind.)

Oh yes, in case you’re wondering; if I’d ejaculated at all, the amount was so small that my underpants absorbed it and there wasn’t any embarrassing leakage. I wouldn’t have known what it was anyway.

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