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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Did Hitler Survive the War?

Hitler Lived In Uruguay After World War, Report Says

Montevideo, Uruguay, 1 April. AFP. 

According to information received, the Second World War German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, who most accounts claim committed suicide in his Führerbunker in Berlin on 30 April 1945, may actually have escaped and made a home in a village in the interior of Uruguay for many years.

Officials say that certain sources, whose identity is currently being kept secret, claim that Hitler lived in the small town of Diabloco on the River Plate from 1956 until his death, at the age of 95, in 1984.

Officials quoted one of these sources, who claims to have been Hitler’s housekeeper during this period, as saying that everyone in town knew who Hitler really was, even though he kept himself very much to himself and went by the name of "Adolfo Tedesco" during his years there.

It is expected that these accounts will come in from close scrutiny from Nazi hunters and scholars, who have long assumed that the German Nazi leader shot himself on the afternoon of 30 April as Red Army forces closed in on the ruins of his Chancellery.  

The sources – as quoted by Uruguayan authorities – claim that the German dictator escaped the encircling Soviet forces in Berlin by leaving the city on the evening of 29 April. One of his notorious “doubles” was murdered on the following day and this was passed off as the Führer’s suicide, the cover for his escape plan.

After lying low for a year in western Germany, Hitler had himself smuggled out along with his wife Eva Braun through the Vatican to Spain and from there to South America, then a favourite destination for Nazis on the run. It is claimed that he lived for a year in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and from there went to Bolivia, where he was hidden for a time by German exiles. At some time during these years, Eva Braun apparently died or left Hitler, because when he arrived in Diabloco in 1956 he was not accompanied by any woman, though he had with him a small retinue of men who may have been former SS members.

"Tedesco", it is claimed, would often leave the town for brief visits to German expatriate communities in Argentina and Paraguay, where he presumably was engaged in keeping alive the embers of Nazi ideology. None of the sources claims that he ever held any meetings in the town itself.

These reports match other sources which claim that a large neo-Nazi organisation now exists, possibly in part due to Hitler’s efforts, in South America, and sees in the current economic crisis an opportunity to gain adherents in Europe, where anti-immigrant sentiment is growing.

The most controversial part of the story is the claim that Western intelligence sources were all along aware of Hitler’s real identity and whereabouts but chose to keep them secret because they hoped to use him as a Cold War tool to revive Nazism in the then East Germany to make trouble for the Soviets. Although this plan was abandoned by the  early 1960s, by that time exposure of Hitler’s identity was no longer practicable because far too many reputations were at stake, including top figures in the American and British governments and intelligence services. Thereafter some desultory attempts were made to kill him but these were abandoned by the mid 1960s when attention shifted to the Vietnam war.  

Hitler is alleged to have died of a heart attack in 1984 and was buried in an unmarked grave in the vicinity of the town. Efforts are now being made to find the grave so DNA tests can be made on the remains to test the veracity of this story.

Officials released this photo, purporting to date from 1975 and to depict a very aged Hitler, to back up their claims.

(Original news item to be found here.)

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    swerver wrote on Apr 1, '09
    I was almost there after the second half of the article..

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    swerver wrote on Apr 1, '09
    I got to have my own victims. Will use your linky.

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    lvlila wrote on Apr 1, '09, edited on Apr 1, '09
    dockbillin said
    It is claimed that he lived for a year in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and from there went to Bolivia, where he was hidden for a time by German exiles.
    My parents lived in Sao Paolo between '67 and '77 and often spoke of the rumours which existed even back then about Hitler's escape and relocation to Sao Paolo and later, Bolivia.

    Whether it was true about Hitler, is a moot point. However, there were many ex-Nazi war criminals living in Brasil at the time.

    From what my parents tell me and the little I remember of visits to these areas, the Germans had a very tight enclave... a "gated city" within the suburbs of Sao Paolo. It wasn't hard for someone to "disappear" into them under the protection of the "good Germans".

    But really... does it matter after all these years? What I find interesting, however, is how many of these Nazis... including "The Butcher of Croatia", Ante Pavlic... got to South America in the first place. In Pavlic's case, it was via the Vatican.

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    lvlila wrote on Apr 1, '09
    thegoat1 said
    unless a lot of lies about WWII were made and someone wants to divert the truth by keeping certain "events" in the public mind.
    I have no doubts that politicians keep many secrets... even among themselves. It's a dirty game where the only losers are the people they ironically swear to protect.

    One only needs to look at the astounding hypocrisies and inconsistencies even within our own governments to see that there's a hidden agenda which the people aren't privy to.

    It's an unfortunate fact of life. The best we can do is try to minimize the harm they do. (Yes... I'm a total cynic where politics is concerned! lol)

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    jeb2003 wrote on Apr 1, '09
    Weird indeed, Bill.
    Comment deleted at the request of the author.

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    jeb2003 wrote on Apr 1, '09
    Like I said...weird.....o! LOL! Okay, I'm sitting here grinning my ass off, you got me. I forgot to click the link....duh!
    Gotta love that Bill!

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    lvlila wrote on Apr 1, '09

    Shit... I must admit I was completely "fooled"~ *Pokes tongue out at Bill and gives him a jab in the ribs*

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    lvlila wrote on Apr 1, '09
    Damn... now I've been outed for the fact that I never check links!!

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    starscape wrote on Apr 1, '09
    I did note that the date of the report was 1 April... I know that some Nazis escaped to South America, but I would find it very hard to believe that someone as famous as Hitler, whose appearance was so well-known, would be able to hide for that long.