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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Egg and Chicken Question

Am I sick of philosophy?
Does the sun rise?
Is the Pope a Catholic?
Friends, humans, people of the world, lend me your ears. I come to inform you, not to praise them. The evil that philosophers do lives after them; the good is always bunt to ashes with their bones. So let it be with this question.
If you really, really want something to be warped, twisted out of shape, and destroyed, get a philosopher. They say a politician is the ultimate means of turning a simple question convoluted. I tell you - a politico, no matter how dedicated to that effort, can't hold a candle to a philosopher.
Let's take solipsism. I actually thought up this nifty philosophy as a joke as a teenager, where I claimed that nothing existed except what I imagined, so that the world, this computer, my body, everything would be just a figment of my imagination and would disappear the moment my attention would turn away from it (so why the fuck am I a sexually frustrated unknown approaching middle age, huh?) . Imagine my surprise when I discovered this had actually been advanced as a serious philosophy. Well, live and learn. I guess one should (to quote my friend Caio Abramo) beat a Solipsist unconscious and then remove one of his legs, letting him explain away the amputation occurring while his consciousness was rendered inoperative.
Now, again, the chicken and egg question. Everytime I hear  anyone call something achicken and egg problem I want to scream. Trust philosophy to make a helpless confusion out of something so simple. Even though the problem can be scientifically solved, as here described,  it does not even need that. Common sense would solve it, if one just applies a little reasoning. A chicken is a multicellular organism, right? An egg is a single cell. Multicellular organisms developed from unicellular organisms. The chicken, as a multicellular organism, was preceded by the egg at every stage of its evolutionary history. QED.

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