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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Georgie Porgie

Georgie Porgie went to Eye-rack
Hand in hand with Tony
Thought to make a killing there
With a story wild and phony.

Georgie Porgie, Uncle Sam
Out-th'-hole smokin' iron man
Known from Iraq to Afghanistan
As Georgie Porgie Randy.

Georgie Porgie landed on flight deck
All dressed up on Monday
Said we've accomplished the mission
Since we invaded last Sunday

Georgie Porgie, Uncle Sam
Superhero flight suit man
Known from Iran to Tajikistan
As Georgie Porgy Randy.

Georgie Porgie looks so cute
Smokin' hot and able
To make the world fall in love
From Manmohan to Merkel.

Georgie Porgie, Uncle Sam
Every neocon's demigod and
Known from Chile to Vietnam
As Georgie Porgie Randy.

Georgie Porgie works so hard
Keeps world safe from terror
Shoots 'em bombs 'em beats 'em up
Never admits to error.

Georgie Porgie, Uncle Sam
Talks to God - yes he can!
Known from Cuba to Kyrgyzstan
As Georgie Porgie Randy.

Georgie Porgie's war on terror
Always makes much headway
What if you think he's markin' time?
Go lookit that Gitmo Bay.

Georgie Porgie, Uncle Sam
Fights the good fight as he can
Known from France to Pakistan
As Georgie Porgie Randy.

Georgie Porgie doesn't kill kids
It's all col-lat-ter-al dam-age
Doesn't bomb schools and villages
Them terrorists are so savage.

Georgie Porgie, Uncle Sam
Evilfightin' divine man
Known from Greenland to Queen Maud Land
As Georgie Porgie Randy. 

Georgie Porgie fights evil
By waterboarding and tortures
And passes time helpin' Dick
Clean up on stock futures. 

Georgie Porgie, Uncle Sam
Commander Guy, also Surge Man
Known from Greece to Somaliland
As Georgie Porgie Randy.

Georgie Porgie, he knows how
Economies to rescue
Give the rich some more of it
Drop the poor in the fondue.

Georgie Porgie, Uncle Sam
Caped Crusader Hero Man
Known from Venezuela to Kazakhstan
As Georgie Porgie Randy.

Georgie Porgie doesn't think
Global warming is real
The Devil works through science and
Undermines God's spiel

Georgie Porgie Uncle Sam
The world's Saviour, Sir and Ma'am
Known from Eritrea to Kurdistan
As Georgie Porgie Randy.

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