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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Aid Means Terror: Piracy On The Die Seas

From 2010

Do all of you know those “what do you call a...” jokes? Those that say something like “What do you call a boy who raises a car to change a tyre? Answer: Jack.”

So, let’s ask a “What do you call a...” question, and see how many of you get the answer.

“What do you call a case where armed men raid a civilian ship carrying food and supplies, shoot many people dead, take control of the ship and sail it to a port controlled by those armed men?”

Now, unless you’ve never ever heard of the Spanish Main, Captains Kidd or Blackbeard, or more recently of Somalia, you’d probably say that the answer is (come on, don’t be shy – say it):


So far so good.

So, when the Zionazi pseudostate that calls itself “Israel” attacked an aid convoy on the high seas and shot dead 19 aid workers, followed by the forcible capture of a ship carrying such devastating instruments of war as wheelchairs, it wasn’t really doing anything new: it was just following in the footsteps of many an illustrious predecessor, all the way from times distant and mysterious to your local DVD store selling The Pirates of The Caribbean. 

Of course now, you know that pirates are glamorous, pirates are good, pirates are heroes who are sadly misunderstood. Pirates are cool, pirates are nice, pirates never listen to advice. Pirates get to make people walk the plank, and pirates have money in the bank. Pirates get the best bit of squeeze, for pirates the girls go weak in the knees.

Yes, I know, I know.

Anyway, the point is that even pirates need to defend themselves. That’s an inalienable right. Oh, like, for example, when you board a ship that’s bringing food and medicines to a strip of territory whose people you are systematically starving and whom you are bent on driving into exile by all means possible, and the people on board, who include diplomats and suchlike scum, fight back with...uh...bottles and slingshots, or maybe metal rods...or something. Under these circumstances, you know, you’re perfectly justified in shooting nineteen of them dead with the paintball guns you were carrying; you've, in fact, showed great restraint in exterminating only nineteen of them.

Oh, and by the way: pretty powerful, those Zionazi paintball guns; I don’t think they’d be all that popular in paintball tournaments, do you? After all, these are obviously Al Qaeda terrorists you’re fighting; it’s no big deal for a country which shoots dead Palestinian kids – sorry, Hamas terrorists – for the crime of throwing stones at armoured tanks.

Right, I’ll cut the comedy. I know – who doesn’t? – that “Israel” is the so-called “Middle East’s” (a term that always makes me grit my teeth) great and good supporter of democracy, and flag-bearer of freedom, yada, yada, all evidence of brutal murderous criminality to the contrary. And I know – who doesn’t? – that a world which is prepared to overlook the murderous invasion of Gaza in December 2008 will do precious little to punish the Zionazi pseudostate for its latest crimes.

Not quite; actually, except in countries like India which while officially secular and neutral are bent on a not-particularly-secret programme to isolate, marginalise, and demonise Muslims, and see the Zionazi pseudostate as a “natural ally” in the anti-Muslim crusade, there’s widespread revulsion against the allegedly “democratic” state of “Israel” and its apartheid-surpassing crimes against the Palestinians. “Israel” would undoubtedly have paid a price for its crimes – a price that would deter it from committing any crimes at all; but for one factor. That factor is the support of the USA, a support that looks more and more bizarre by the day. After all, this is the same USA which allegedly pursues Somali pirates and “mass murdering dictators” but cossets and acts as the paymaster for Zionazi pirates and murderous pseudo-democrats.

Is the US therefore now giving a licence to Somali pirates to do what they will? Has Hassan from Kismayo now got the White House’s blessings for his piratical attacks? Why not? What’s gravy for the goose is gravy for the gander.

It might be interesting to see what will happen if the Turks carry out theirthreat to send future aid convoys under military escort, and the Zionazi pseudostate attempts to block them too. Which of its allies, old friend (and Korean War military ally) Turkey or tail-that-wags-the-dog “Israel”, will the US support?

Stupid question.

(Incidentally, I wonder whether the Zionazi people have thought of the price they, or their descendants, will be compelled to pay for their crimes when their pseudostate ultimately collapses in the course of time? I doubt it; but whatever price, in blood and tears, they are compelled to pay, it will not be sufficient.)

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