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Monday, 26 November 2012

The Christmas Song

Santa Claus was blue and sorry oh Santa Claus was sad
For Jesus Christ was come again and my word was He mad.
He said “My Father’s house will never be a marketplace
But you turn it into one and right in My face.
You take My birthday – the day you say I was born
Make it into a symbol of all that is wicked and is wrong.
You may all be Christians – Christ-ians you’re not
Some of what I said you trashed and the rest you all forgot.
Where is the peace on earth where the goodwill to all men
Why do you spread hate with sword and also with your pen?
The miracles you demand of Me all the leaps of faith
Come with price tag attached just like a savage wraith.
You put words in My mouth I never would have thought
And what I believed you’ve sold and more you’ve bought.
You take yourselves away – go away from me far
Say not that I walk with you as you march to war.
Your bishop’s mitre, your church, your Bible and your cross
Without truth or understanding, all are sham and dross.
When you slave your brother you slave Me as well
And when you take My name you send My soul to Hell.
Get thee behind Me, get thee all gone
This lonely path I trod once I must tread alone.”
Santa up and met the businessmen and he met the priests
They gathered a horde of men all lately turned to beasts.
They caught Christ and hung Him up yes they nailed Him to a cross
And they said to each other they showed Him who was boss.
Jesus looked at them and Jesus shed a tear
And before He died again wondered at their fear
Of truth and love and just a little touch of hope
All of which means nothing compared to dollar and to dope.
They buried Jesus again and then they dug Him up
And sold His blood in churches at so much cash a cup.
Next Christmas Santa smiled Santa was pleased again
And the children laughed and clapped Christmas was right as rain.

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