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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Open Letter to Manmohan Singh : 2010

Dear Mr “Prime Minister”

Let me introduce myself first, since you are far too busy running the nation and thinking of the welfare of a billion-plus people to know who I am, and it’s only proper that you know who is writing you this letter of appreciation.

Well then, sir: I am a traitor.

Yes, I am a bona fide (or rather mala fide), card-carrying (the card, should you be interested in knowing, is a shade of bright red), evil traitor, completely unashamed of my traitorhood. I want the worst for India; its total collapse and final disintegration. Let me assure you that this is all true.

All right, now that you know who I am, Mr “Prime Minister”, let me say this will all sincerity:

Although I was at one time an opponent of your policies, I have changed my mind; you, sir, are the best thing ever to have happened to this nation.

Yes, I mean that. Please continue exactly as you have been doing, and planning to do.

Please begin, without further delay, the deployment of the air force to bomb the forests of Central India and napalm the villages of the tribes living in those forests, in an effort to destroy the Maoist insurgency which you aver is the gravest internal security threat facing the nation. It will further radicalise the people, make more and more fence-sitters go over to the Maoist side, and achieve absolutely nothing in military terms except wreck the already obsolescent air force in bombing the nation’s own citizens.

Furthermore, please ignore the military top brass’ reluctance and unleash the army on the Maoists, something which will – again – achieve nothing militarily (guerrillas don’t fight a militarily stronger force on equal terms; they melt into the countryside and strike back by ambush and landmine) but will show the ordinary soldier that he is fighting people of his own social classes at the behest of corrupt Muddle Class parasites. If that doesn’t bring about a left-wing radicalisation of the army rank and file, I’m much mistaken.

Also, while you are about it, please do sign more and more mining deals with shadowy corporate entities with no pretence of due process; let these corporate bodies ruin the environment for their short-term profit, and leave devastated peoples in their wake, people who will be more and more inclined to support the Maoists.

Please, Mr “Prime Minister”, don’t even think of changing your government’s mode of functioning, where corrupt ministers are rewarded and scams of mindboggling dimensions are quietly brushed under the carpet. We need these scams, this corruption, Mr “Prime Minister”; it reminds us of just how hollow your claim to good governance is, and what a fake the Indian democratic system is.

As prices rise sky-high, please do keep repeating platitudes about your resolve to bring down inflation without explaining how you’re going to do it, or when; it’s, you know, just what we want to hear when our money buys less than half what it did a year ago.

Did I forget to mention that you ought to keep trying to please the Americans at all costs? Therefore, do, I beg of you, send troops to Afghanistan as the US draws down its own defeated armies. It’s just, exactly, what we need, our soldiers dying in a foreign land for another peoples’ war. Your party already has done this before, in Sri Lanka, so surely it shouldn’t be hard to do again. This will further turn the army’s ordinary soldiers against you. If the US attacks Iran, I suggest you also send Indian occupation forces there. What with the army being stretched to breaking point in Afghanistan and against the Maoists, Iran should be enough to ensure final breakdown.

Also, of course, Mr “Prime Minister”, do not forget to ensure total lack of corporate accountability. Please do not listen to those who insist that obscenely rich conglomerates should be held accountable for their actions. Do not think of changing your plans to protect American nuclear power plant suppliers from any liability for accidents occurring in India; let thousands to millions die in nuclear leaks and meltdowns; it’s good for business, good for Americans, and ultimately, excellent for us traitors.

This is also why I urge you to lock up anyone, such as closet-Commie human rights activists, environmentalists, leftists, and anyone else opposed in any way to your plans for the nation. Pour scorn on them even as you lock them up and throw away the keys. Please.

Just another few years of your leadership, Mr “Prime Minister”, and I’m sure we’ll have a revolution at long, long last on our hands, the revolution we traitors need to finally finish off this country for ever and ever, amen.

And that is why I love you.


                                                                  Traitorosaurus rex.

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