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Friday, 12 October 2012

An Ugliness of Warthogs

An invasion of neocons
A hypocrisy of Obamists
A bombing of terrorists
A mendacity of lawyers
A corruption of politicians
A sellout of journalists
A greed of capitalists
A stock of shareholders
A superstition of priests
A confusion of experts
A mandate of psephologists
An incision of surgeons
A rant of bloggers
A broth of cooks
A pose of models
A nudity of pornographers
A sensation of newsreaders
A jaywalk of pedestrians
An accident of drivers
An ego of actors
An opinion of columnists
An imperialism of Zionists
A jihad of Islamists
A suffering of Jews
A genocide of Nazis
A bombast of jingoists
A bloodthirst of vampires
A howling of werewolves
A weirdness of hippies
A spell of witches
A fundamentalism of religions
A pregnancy of mothers
A chauvinism of Taliban
An impatience of revolutionaries
A hatred of fascists
A pollution of industrialists
A cruelty of psychopaths
A nonsense of gurus
A doubt of agnostics
A flatulence of gourmands
A berserk of Vikings
A protocol of diplomats
An uproar of panelists
A scam of godmen
An extortion of taxes
An exaggeration of advertisers
A filibuster of orators
A rudeness of officials
An arrogance of princelings.

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