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Monday, 22 October 2012

Unfinished Rescue

I hurled myself through the streets of Monstertown, flying past crowds of monsters going about their daily business,dodging past a monster who appeared to be choking another to death without a second glance. 

One doesn't stare at courting couples,and there wasn't time for that. The lynch mob was at my heels. 

Last night's dream was pretty unique,as well as entertaining.

I wasn't Bill. I wasn't even human. I was this invisible flying entity who could manifest itself as a point of golden light.

No. I wasn't god or any version thereof,but I was unique,you bet.

I lived in a world shared by humans and monsters. Very cute monsters,who resembled grey blobs with white eyes,wrinkled skins,and single short spiky horns fore and aft.

There was this little monster who was the target of a howling human lynch mob. I was trying to rescue him.

I got to his house,to find his parents and sister weren't even aware of the danger and unwilling to believe it. The house was made of rusted iron sheets and mud walls,by the way,unlike most of modern Monstertown construction,but had sumptuous green lawns on all sides and a great big weeping willow.

I kept telling the family to flee,but they wouldn't believe me. I ended up using my golden point to physically push them all out of the back door just as the mob,armed with machetes and crowbars, arrived at the front.

And then I woke up.

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