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Friday, 12 October 2012

Inter Services Intelligence

Oh citizens of India brave, hearken unto me
Vast is the danger that wants us not-free.
It is called, cross my heart hope to die
That nefarious, scheming, Pakistani ISI.

You’ve heard about it all your lives, I know
And the horrors daily more terrible grow    
Bomb blasts are passé, terrorists all trite
The ISI has other ways to carry on the fight.

Remember that traffic jam that made you lose your flight?
It was because the ISI sabotaged the traffic light
And the plane that got an engine snag, didn’t fly?
Some wires were cut, courtesy ISI.

When drought strikes because there’s no rain
It’s the ISI at its work again.
And when debts mount so farmers poison drink
It’s the ISI that’s raising a stink.

Factories proud symbols of Indian economic might?
You can bet the ISI hates the sight
So they sneak in child workers, isn’t it a shame
What foul play characterises the ISI’s game.

Turn on the TV, there’s nothing really on
Except soap operas that never seem gone
Brain dead characters play endless roles
Better believe it, they’re all ISI moles.

Rising prices, no money in the banks?
‘Tis the ISI that should get your thanks
Economy tanking, no take home pay?
The ISI’s happy at ruining your day.

Riot and burning, mayhem in the street
Civil society in rout and retreat
Stress and tension make your head spin?
The ISI celebrates somewhere with a grin.

Rats in Mizoram state ate all the rice?
The ISI’s been meddling with the birthrates of mice.
Wells been shrinking and lakes all ran dry?
Who d’you think did it all? Why, ISI.

Servant in Delhi killed old man and wife?
It’s the ISI promoting civil strife.
Corrupt cops refuse the poor all aid
It’s another gamble the ISI made.

Floods in Mumbai, fascists on the march?
It all happens on the ISI’s watch.
Crime in Calcutta, crooks in Chennai?
Due to your friendly neighbourhood ISI.

Yes the politicians steal, but do you know why?
It’s because they were paid by the ISI.
Stock market crashes courtesy ISI
And it makes all the journalists lie.

Maoist rebels and weightlifters on dope
Poacher film actors, other things we can’t cope
Trains run late, while forests disappear?
It’s all ‘cause the ISI’s been here.

Beware brothers, check on your child
The ISI’s planned to drive him all wild
They’ll hook him on music and turn him on fun
Before you know it the harm’s all been done.

Laugh not brothers, I warn you so true
The ISI is out to get all of you.
Look under your bed, look up at the sky
Everywhere, everywhen, lurks the damned ISI.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2008

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