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Friday, 12 October 2012

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Superzero

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Is it a reality show sucking out your brain?

No, it’s that defender of Tooth, Just Ease, and the Yammering Way,

Dentist Man!

When there is caries, and inflammation strikes,

When abscesses swell and periodontitis bites,

Who can you turn to for help? Why, your friend and mine,

Dentist Man!

Faster than a speeding airotor handpiece, stronger than a straight fissure tungsten carbide bur, able to dispatch calculus faster than an ultrasonic scaler, Dentist Man!

Your neighbourhood Crowned Crusader, sworn enemy of those twin hounds of Hell, Caries and Plaque, Dentist Man!

 When he appears, Trouble disappears

Along with your Bank Balance,

Dentist Man!

What secrets does he hide behind his dazzling smile?

Whose identity does he doff the while

He is in his costume of heroism?

Dentist Man!

A Root Canal is nothing to him, against impacted molars his views are grim,

Dentist Man!

Flying around in his Dental Chair

Our superhero goes here and there

Relieving pain and pocketbooks alike

Dentist Man!

All hail the new King in town

Bearer of the holy Porcelain Crown

Healer of Cavities and Ulcers alike

Hail to him, Hale to him, Ail to him,

Dentist Man!

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