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Friday, 12 October 2012

Attempt at a Poe

(When I posted this on Multiply back in 2008, I actually had people thinking I was serious)

Well, you atheists, there you go again.

I mean to say, haven’t you understood by now? You may deny it, but someday you will be forced to acknowledge that you are HELLBOUND PERVERTS and you will stand in the RIGHTEOUS ANGER OF THE LORD.

But you know, even you atheists, the Lord loves you all, and if you go to Him right now and crawl and beg forgiveness, then maybe He will let you repent and only punish you with a few thousand years of Purgatory.

Oops. Did I say a few thousand years? A few hundred years, of course, the Lord forgive my mistake. A few thousand years from now, the Lord will have long since destroyed this Earth, as He created it six thousand years ago in six days, and all you HELL-BOUND ATHEISTS WILL BURN IN HELL WHILE WE THEISTS WILL WATCH FROM THE LORD’S LAP AND REJOICE! Ha ha ha!

Seriously, you atheists crack me up. You don’t even let yourselves realise how much RICHNESS there is in the LOVE OF GOD. You don’t just turn your back on God, you spurn Him, and – rest assured – this is not going to be FORGIVEN.

OK, just look at it this way. You atheists believe in Science, don’t you? Well your Science is WRONG. The Bible has it all, everything we need to know, and the rest of it, all that YOU believe, is because the Devil is throwing dust in your eye to blind you to the Glory of the LORD GOD. Just as you believe that the earth goes round the sun, when all you need to do is go out and look at the sky to know it’s the opposite. You atheists are FOOLS.

Some time back one of your lot was telling me that the dinosaurs prove that there was no Genesis and that we all came from apes. Well, you can come from an ape if you want to, but as for me and everyone in my family, the LORD GOD made us from the seed of Adam and Eve. We are Beloved of the Lord if you’re not. And as for your dinosaurs: the Lord destroyed them, as the Bible says, in the Flood. They were Evil. They fornicated with each other, and they were far too big to bring on board the Ark, so the Lord drowned them in the Flood. So there.

Atheists are so STUPID. I mean to say, don’t you feel all warm and cosy inside when you think of the Lord? I do. You think you can get through life with no prayer to the Lord, and He won’t make things tough for you? The Lord is a jealous Lord, as everyone knows except an atheist.

I once saw an atheist couple that DIDN'T EVEN TEACH THEIR CHILDREN GOD EXISTS. Now can you imagine anyone so evil? They're going right to hell - AND SO ARE YOU. Ha, ha, ha.

All right, you die and just see what happens. Don’t say then I didn’t warn you. 

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