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Monday, 22 October 2012

One Day

One day

Everyone is going to look at everyone else,
and hold out their hands.
"It's time we stopped
being afraid.

"I'm like you
bone wrapped in muscle, fat wrapped in skin, sweat and dirt and grime,
and, like you, I too
will die.

"The time we have is too short to waste 
on hate and rancour, too precious to leave till tomorrow
what we should do today.

"Your gods and mine, if there be any, do not thrive on hate and blood and pain and war. And if we
are indeed here for a purpose, it's to know about the universe
and not to hate it

"For hate insults your gods and mine."

One day

The poison of factories
will stop painting the air, the blood of whales will stop
polluting the sea, the land will no longer tremble to the crash of falling forests.

One day

The sun will take back what it had, and the earth
men, women, dinosaur bones, works of art, and SUVs
will be vapourised alike,

One day

The hate will end
Either way.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2011

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