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Friday, 12 October 2012

A Grisly Little Poem

The Monster came at the dead of night
Snapped off heads with half a bite
Stalking the city, shedding blood
Till the streets ran in gory flood
He came at last to the Hero's lair
His stinking breath tainting the air
"Come out and fight," he said
"Or hide under your coward's bed."

Up rose the glorious Hero then
Muscles sleek with the strength of ten.
Buckled on his armour, hefted his mighty sword,
Went out to face the Monster without a word.
For such as he, these Heroes are
Born under a braver and brighter star.

Ah! such combat there was, my friends,
As a tear to my eye portends.
At last the Hero victorious stood
Above the Monster he'd chopped like wood,
And all happy once again would be
From the sea to the shining sea.

No, wait, I lie. The Monster roared
And yawned as if he was bored.
He twisted off the Hero's head
And quaffed all his blood instead.
Then belched quietly, and cleaned his teeth
For the Hero he ordered a wreath.
Then he went right home to bed
A good little Monster, when all's done and said.
And now my little tale is done
The Monster's coming. Go on, run!

Copyright B Purkayastha 2011

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