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Friday, 12 October 2012

Gallows On The Hill

There's a gallows on the hill
waiting for the blind, the lame
awaiting the poor and anyone else
who can't, or won't, play the game.

There's a gallows on the hill
The Beautiful People shake their heads
"It's their own fault," they say and sigh
"That they aren't safe in their beds.

"Communist agitators should be killed
And some of their dupes too
But of the rest, what can we say
They should've known what to do.

"No bread to be had, they should've ate cake 
The poor are poor because they're dumb
They should stay contented with their lot
A kick, a word, and a crumb.

"We are the Chosen People," they said
"Blessed the rich, for they inherit the earth
As for the meek, may they grovel
With the poor in the muck of their birth."

The chains of the gallows swung in the wind
Swung with a squeaking noise
And for just one little moment
The Beautiful People lost their poise.

Then they passed on with a nervous laugh
And partied on to the dawn
While the gallows fodder washed the dishes
And diligently mowed the lawn.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2008

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