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Friday, 12 October 2012

I, too, Anger

It may just be
I have to tell the world I am a man.

That I have blood in my veins
And bones, muscle and sinew.
I breathe, I exist, and when I see injustice
I, too, anger.

When I see my mother my son
Held at gunpoint, my sister raped,
My pregnant wife shot
I, too, anger.

When I see the occupier’s boots crush down on my land
When I see my brother’s blood mix in the sand
I, too, anger.

But when I take up the gun
When I put the enemy on the run
I’m an enemy of the people
And I have no right to anger.

When I fight the men who bomb my town
Who turn our lives upside down
Divide brother against brother
It’s news no longer.

I’m a dead ender, I’m a beast
A child-killing raghead terrorist
And those who would rule over us
Have a right to anger.

It’s time I said I am a man
It’s time I said I will and can
It’s time I said I will shed my blood
But I will prove to the world

That I, too, anger.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2007

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