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Friday, 12 October 2012


You said –
Can these be mine, these hands, this face, can they still be mine?
When I me my body are no longer, no longer one
And can be used one against other, mine against me
Can this be me, can I be mine?

You said –
When what I want to happen, what I want to do
What I want to be, this is no longer for me
Am I now forever only a was, living always in the past
And is the future taken, no longer mine?

You said –
The skin scraped raw from my soul weeps blood for me
But such blood none in the world may see
For I’ve lost the right even to this hurt
The defiled heart that bears it is no longer mine.

You said –
I no longer breathe for me, I no longer eat for me
I no longer eat for me, used, as a tool is used
Abused, as a toy is abused, and thrown away
There is nothing in me that is mine.

We said –
Not you, not you, it’s just not true
You are you as ever, look and see
See yourself as we you see
Not defiled, not discarded, what we see

Is sparkling diamond
Is sparkling diamond.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2008

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