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Friday, 12 October 2012

Whale Song

The great sea swells, and the great sea swells
With the rhythms of ages beyond and forevermore
And the sun sinks towards the edge of the sea.

The whale pods swim singing, singing
The whale pods swim, singing
Towards the sunset that lights up

The edge of the sea.
Perhaps the sea sings, perhaps the sea sings
With their song, and their song is

The song of the sea.
The whale pods swim, singing, singing
The whale pods swim singing,

In the bosom of the sea.

“The Sea Lord must be angry, the Sea Lord must be angry
With our sins, so he sends us
The monsters from beyond the sea.

“We have sinned, yes we have sinned
And the ocean tastes of blood
Because we offended

"The Lord of the Sea.

“And we swim in the ocean
Yes we swim in the ocean
Until the wrath falls on us

“Of the Lord of the Sea.
They will kill us,
Yes they will kill us

“And drag us away from the sea.
They will drag us
Onto their metal monsters

“And cut us to pieces
Cut us to pieces
Strip us of skin and bone

“Fat and muscle, all of we.
Because of the anger, yes of the anger
Of the Lord of the Sea.

“They will change us
Yes they will change us
To lipsticks shoe polish

“Steaks and margarine.
But we must pay, yes we must pay
For our sins, for we angered

“The Lord of the Sea.
We are guilty, we are guilty
And we must seek out

“Why he is angry.
Till then we shall suffer
And we must suffer

“The righteous wrath
Of the Lord of the Sea.”
The whale pod sings,

The whale pod sings
And the red sun sinks
Past the edge of the sea

And somewhere
Yes somewhere
People eat whale steaks

And talk of cultural need
Scientific research
And economic necessity.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2009

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