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Friday, 12 October 2012

No One Writes To The Colonel

“No one writes to me,” said the Colonel

As in his mountain fort he sat

“While the bearded ones come closer yet

Tomorrow here, if today in Swat.


“Does no one see,” asked the Colonel

“That the enemy is within?

Behind his beard and his prayer cap

He hides his wicked grin.


“He plots against our Hindu land

The land ancient and free

The land that has nurtured the Hindu race

From the dawn of eternity.


“The bearded one plots and schemes

To destroy all that dear we hold

He wants to turn over our sacred land

To his vile Islamic fold.


“No one writes to me,” said the Colonel

And gnawed his moustache thin.

“Or I could tell them all today

Of the mortal danger they are in.


“I could train them in the martial way

Teach them just what to do

And if they’d want bombs and guns

Why I’d find a way to give them too.


“I’d give them guns and bombs

Teach them to shoot and kill

And the absolute necessity today

Of Muslim blood to spill.


“We should bomb and hack and burn

Not a trace of ruth or mercy show

And only then can we hold up our heads

In a righteous holy glow.



“If only they’d write to me,” said the Colonel

“The Hindu nation we can save

Together, or we shall be

Each one a Mozzie slave.


“The stinking Muslim,” said the Colonel

“Who eats the cow and breeds like fish

Holds in his evil, demented brain

Just one vile, devil’s wish.


“We should do,” said the Colonel

“Just what the Jews do

They kill, to keep themselves free

They enslave the Mozzies too.


“The Mozzie knows only force

He has to be made to kneel

By the fire of our righteous wrath

Hindu valour and Hindu steel.


“If they won’t call me,” said the Colonel

“I think I know what I’ll do.

I’ll find some Hindu patriots

And put together a merry crew.


“I’ll be the brain, and they the brawn

Together this country we’ll save

From the evil Muslim spawn

Our Hindu Mother from the grave.”


The next day the Brigadier came

The Colonel was nice as he could be

He smiled and nodded, and agreed

Saluting so obsequiously.


The Brigadier joked and the Colonel laughed

Went right along with the flow

For the Brigadier could promote him

And the Brigadier was a Muslim, you know.

[Lt Colonel Shrikanth Purohit of the Indian Army was arrested for aiding, abetting, arming and training the Abhinav Bharat Hindunazi terrorist group. He's only the tip of a very large iceberg of Hindu fascism in the Indian armed forces]

Copyright B Purkayastha 2009

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